Alpha-Medicor Health Group is an outpatient, private, all-inclusive and multifaceted facility that includes medical services by physicians and physician assistants specializing in addiction. Mental health assessment is also available. Therapeutic services are provided in addition to medical services by highly trained master’s level therapists and wellness coaches specializing in addiction and trauma issues as well as human development.

The goal of Alpha-Medicor is to provide compassionate, comprehensive treatment for all who suffer from addiction. Treatment assessment is priority and collaboration with inpatient and outpatient services to provide a continuum of care is critical for the wellness and recovery of all patients who we serve.

Through our comfortable office-based service of wellness and lifestyle coaching, Alpha-Medicor offers buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone®), Sublocade™ (monthly injectable) and naltrexone (Vivitrol®) as key tools in supporting a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. When prescribed appropriately, these medications have been proven to reduce cravings and minimize physical withdrawal symptoms in individuals who suffer from opioid dependence or alcoholism.

We will always welcome those who desire to embark on the journey of healing and new beginnings.