“Alpha-Medicor Health Group treated me with kindness, understanding and respect. I am on the road to recovery all while maintaining my career, rebuilding my family and focusing on sobriety.”

“Sobriety is possible with the help of the caring and compassionate team at Alpha-Medicor Health Group. They are knowledgeable, kind, and treated me with dignity and respect. I am alive because of my continued treatment there.”

“Great people! They really do help you. Even if you’re having a bad day, they are always there to talk. The staff at Alpha-Medicor is like family. They really care about your sobriety and well-being. If you need help overcoming addiction and can’t leave your family, please check this place out; they really help you.”

“The team at Alpha-Medicor helps safe lives everyday by giving people the option of living a better life. I am truly grateful.”

“I love this place! I love the employees. They are truly great people! Alpha-Medicor is a great place for treatment.”

“The staff at Alpha-Medicor is caring, progressive and passionate. Its highly skilled team is up to date on best practices when it comes to treating addiction. Alpha-Medicor is truly one in a million.”

“I’ve been with Alpha-Medicor for about five years now, and I cannot say enough good about the staff there. My opinion is very unbiased, considering I have been to several other rehab institutions before Alpha-Medicor. Without a doubt, they will go above and beyond to assist any individual who wants and/or needs the help.”

“From the moment one steps into the uplifting atmosphere of Alpha-Medicor, it is impossible to not feel the passion the staff has for walking alongside those seeking help. Every member of the Alpha-Medicor team is truly dedicated to the continued success of their patients, and they have such respect for the trust each patient places in them.”

“Without a doubt, Alpha-Medicor is the best rehabilitation center in the Scranton, PA area. If you or any of your loved ones suffer from alcohol or opioid addiction, Alpha-Medicor is the perfect place for recovery. It is economical and efficient.”